Meet the Board

The Board of Trustees for Unity Center of Light has the task of channeling the church’s collective guidance of spirit in practical and worldly directions, including development of operational policy and financial stewardship.

Mary-Frances Winters - President




Mary-Frances has been in Unity and affiliated with this church since 2005. She serves as president of this board and is an expert on organization effectiveness issues. In addition, she has been co-facilitator with the 4-T program.

She is president and founder of The Winters Group, an organization development and diversity-consulting firm she estasblished in 1984, specializing in research, strategic planning, training, and public speaking with an emphasis in ethnic and multicultural issues.  Prior to founding The Winters Group, she was affirmative action officer and senior market analyst at Eastman Kodak Company, where she worked for 11 years. She is a graduate of the University of Rochester with undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology, and a master’s degree in business administration from the William E. Simon Executive Development Program. She received an honorary doctorate from Roberts Wesleyan College in 1997 and has served as a mentor for the Emerging Leaders Program Sponsored by the Centers for Leadership and Public Affairs at Duke University and the University of Cape Town.  Dr. Winters is a life member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Rochester.

She has been a frequent contributor to the editorial page of USA Today on workplace and diversity related issues. She has been published in many other venues, including theInternational Personnel Management Association Newsletter; Profiles in Diversity Journal; the Society of Human Resource Management’s Mosaics Newsletter and many others. She is the author of three books: Only Wet Babies Like Change: Workplace Wisdom for Baby Boomers;Inclusion Starts With “I;” and CEO’s Who Get It: Diversity Leadership from the Heart and Soul.


Patricia White - Secretary




Patie has attended Unity Center of Light since 2002 and from the moment she arrived, she knew this was her right, spiritual home. Desiring now to increase her service to ULC, Patie would like to be considered for membership on the Board of Trustees. Whether at home or traveling, her interests evolve around the study and practice of Truth principals. “It’s what I do for fun,” she states.

Patie was born in Washington, D.C., resides in Crofton, Maryland and has three+ amazing sons who are her pride and joy. Kyle, 22, is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland is employed (yiphee!) as an Acquisition Analyst and living in New York City. Dave, 20, is a fulltime student at the University of Maryland, majoring in Business Finance and Information Systems. Jordon, 16, attends South River High School and is soaking up the joy of getting his driver’s license. The baby of the family, Max, gets overly excited, walks on four paws and occasionally barks, but is often as adorable as her other three sons.

Professionally, Patie is an educator for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. She began her career 33 years ago as a middle school classroom teacher, and is currently a teacher specialist, directing Advanced Learner Programs in 79 elementary schools. Budget management, teacher training, and board policy are her areas of expertise.


David Baukman - Treasurer


David was exposed to Methodist and Baptist traditions as a child, but he did not become a seeker of spiritual knowledge until he reached his early twenties. He explored spirituality and cosmology of Ancient Egypt, the Rosicrucians and the Theosophist before discovering Unity via a Radio broadcast by Lafayette Seymour. He and his wife attended Unity of Washington on A Street in 1991, where they first heard Milledge Mosby. David has been involved with Unity Principles for the past 21 years and has attended Unity Center of Light (UCL) from its inception. He has been a volunteer at UCL for 20 years, serving as a Children's teacher, Usher, and Sound Engineer. He embraces his challenges as opportunities for spiritual growth and understanding. This Understanding of Truth deepens and guides his life. The Light of Understanding enables him to see clearly and take the right action.

He brings over 20 years of IT-Computer Software experience and shares these technical talents by developing/maintaining UCL’s website. His communication skills will complement those of the UCL Board. David is the proud father of two wonderful children ages 11 and 8.

Faye M. Dixon – Trustee


Faye has been affiliated with Unity Center of Light since the late1990’s and with Unity for 34 years. Her
volunteer activities include: Book Table, Pot Luck Dinner/Breakfast, Eastern Region – Unity Support Team
and visited and assisted church members who were in need of assistance.  She has participated in numerous workshops including: Lessons in Truth, The Quest, 12 Powers/How to use the 12 Powers, and 4T.

Faye explains her understanding of Unity Truth Principles as follows: “Unity is a Christian based religion that
teaches us to apply the teaching of Jesus Christ in our lives.  Unit is a practical, utilitarian religion that teaches that each individual is responsible for his or her own salvation and the life that we live on this earth.”

When asked to describe some of the ways in which Unity principles are working in her life, she answered: “I
accept that God is always present in my life; that regardless of appearances, divine order is present. My prayer is that I remain steadfast in my faith and move through the challenges that I may encounter.”

When asked to explain what the Mission of Unity Center of Light means to her, she answered: “It means that I am empowered to live the life that I choose by practicing prayer and meditation.  My life does not have to be
shaped by that which is outside of me.”

Her experience and background: She worked as a teacher, social counselor, and academy director for 43 years. She is currently working with a group of women volunteers in Prince George’s County whose mission it is to expose children to positive activities and people in their communities.



Olive Sampson – Trustee

Olive Sampson



Olive was first introduced to Unity principles in the mid 1980’s through reading Daily Word – a gift subscription from her aunt. She has been a part of the Unity Center of Light family since 2002. For many years she served in various volunteer capacities in the church community, attended a variety of classes and was recently invited to serve on the Board of Trustees.

To her, Unity principles provide a foundation for a gentle and centered way of life. She continues to work on grasping the full meaning of Divine Order; to seek it in the ups as well as the downs that life brings and to find true joy in all of the small things that comprise each day.

In Unity Center of Light’s mission to “empower individuals to express their indwelling divine potential” Olive sees a warm and comforting message that every person is valued equally and that each of us has a very special place and purpose in the community of man. In a world of so many divisions, it is a mission and a message of healing and hope.

Olive has worked in International Relations for over thirty years and has had the good fortune to travel and meet wonderful people in many parts of the world.

Willie J. Sutton – Trustee


Willie has been affiliated with Unity Center of Light for about nine (9) years and with Unity for 26 years. His volunteer activities include: Men of Unity (MOU), Usher Team Leader and Sanctuary Set up Team.  He has participated in numerous Lessons series over the years as well as Prayer lessons.

Willie explains his understanding of Unity Truth Principles as follows: “Unity seeks a deeper meaning of the written word, rather than its literal interpretation.”

When asked to describe some of the ways in which Unity principles are working in his life, he answered: “The spirit of God working in and through me.  I have inner peace.  I am alive, alert, awake, joyous and enthusiastic.”

When asked to explain what the Mission of Unity Center of Light means to him, he answered: “To constantly call upon the indwelling divine potential.”

His experience and background: He studied Sociology at UMUC and understands the need for order, structure and discipline.  He has dedicated over forty (40) years working as a Chemical Addiction/Mental Health Therapist in the USAF and Arlington County, VA Department of Human Services.  He a National Certified Addiction Counselor II and a Certified Moral Recognition Therapist/Facilitator.

Victor Vyfhuis - Trustee




To Victor Vyfhuis, Unity Center of Light’s Mission Statement is a constant reminder that the Christ within is the source of all power and good.  He says, “My life has been tremendously enriched since I embraced the Mission of UCL.  I am a child of God, tasked to do God’s work...”

Victor has been affiliated with UCL since 2005 during which time he has both taken and taught the 4T Prosperity Program, served on the Sunday set up, clean up team and on the Board of Trustees, as Treasurer. He now serves as a member of the team of Ushers, the Building Fund Team and the Board of Trustees.

An executive manager with over fifteen years of senior-level experience in operations and finance, Victor has served on committees, project teams and work groups.  He has successfully managed organizational budgets and designed cost containment models.  Strategic planning and financial reporting are also among his skills which he says, “I will be happy to share with the team as it focuses on the achievement of the Mission.”  He is a Certified Public Accountant.

In his own view of what it means to be a team player, Victor includes the commitment to service, respect, tolerance, and patience.  “I look forward to learning from and sharing with other members of the Board...” he says.

As he interprets Unity in his own words, Victor defines a “Christ-centered, educational movement that explores the metaphysical meaning of the Trinity.   It teaches us to discern and prove the Truth of Christianity.”

As Unity Principles unfold in his life, he says, “God guides the right person or circumstances in my path and uses them as channels through which my blessings flow.  Thus I am reminded that God is abundance and provides for my every need.” Being in service to God provides me opportunities to be a channel through which blessings flow to others.


Pastor Milledge "Butch" Mosby


Milledge Mosby




Milledge Mosby began attending Unity in 1973 at Detroit Unity Temple. He served as a volunteer at that church under Reverend Glenn Mosley and then under Reverend David Williamson. In 1978, the Mosbys moved to Maryland where they attended Unity of Washington, D.C., and soon thereafter, Milledge was asked by Reverend George Stone to work part-time for the church as the Business Manager. Within six months the part-time position became full-time, and was the beginning of a long, transforming career. After Reverend Stone left, Reverend Amalie Frank became the minister. Under Reverend Frank’s tutelage, Milledge began teaching classes in addition to serving as Business Manager. To further prepare him for serving as a spiritual teacher, he began studying at Unity Village in Missouri toward becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher. Milledge was groomed by Reverend Frank to eventually become her assistant minister. He stayed in that position until 1991 when he pioneered the new ministry, Unity Center of Light in Bowie, Maryland, in response to a growing demand for a Unity church in that area.

He completed his studies and was licensed as a Unity Teacher in 1991. He immediately applied for and was accepted into the Ministers’ Field Licensing program, a four-year process toward being ordained by the Association of Unity Churches. He was ordained as a minister in 1997. Milledge has been in Unity for 30 years, serving as an ordained minster for seven of those years.

Milledge’s background includes 15 years in the corporate world and he has been a Professor of Marketing and Sales at Prince George’s Community College since 1980. His position as a college professor allows him to teach, in a college environment, a formula for combining spiritual and business principles. He is perhaps best known for the creative way he combines spiritual principles, which are usually perceived as abstract, with business and success principles, which are usually perceived as more concrete.

In his own life, he demonstrates what he teaches through his disciplined involvement in a variety of activities, such as: bodybuilding, jogging, cycling, tennis, golf, photography, and researching and learning. These activities help him to continue to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.