Pearl Green, Co-Secretary

Pearl has been attending Unity Center of Light since 2011. Her volunteer activities include ushering, serving as platform assistant, helping with a UCL Gala and with school back packs.

Pearl explains her understanding of Unity principles saying that Unity teaches the same Truths as other theologies, only in a different, more applicable language. This enables me to better understand my role and responsibility in my spiritual growth and overall development. I am being transformed by the renewing of my mind - thanks to Unity!

When asked to describe how Unity principles are working in her life, Pearl said they empower her. I am made in the image . . .  with all the attributes of God. Even with all my “stuff,” I am a “godling.” Another principle Pearl uses is mindfulness; knowing “thoughts are things” reminds her to keep the high watch in thoughts, words, and deeds.

When asked to explain what the mission of Unity Center of Light means to her, Pearl said it speaks to the still, small voice reminding me that I am never alone and I can turn within for guidance and answers in all things from the power of Spirit.

Her experience and background are centered around her wanting to serve others. She always seeks to make a positive difference; she says her energy inspires others to be optimistic and enthusiastic. She has served in a variety of care giving roles. She has a BS from Bowie State. Pearl is currently employed part time at Heartlands Assistant Living in Severna Park as a Concierge where she assists with life enhancement activities for 60 plus residents while also interacting with their families.