Maxine Gill, Treasurer

Maxine has been attending Unity Center of Light since 2011. Her volunteer activities include ushering, Daily Word reader, platform assistant, bring refreshments, and helping out with World Day of Prayer. She has participated in the following classes: Metaphysical Bible Study, Lessons in Truth, Discover the Power Within You, Prosperity Plus.

Maxine explains her understanding of Unity as a movement that provides resources and teachings that allow your spiritual light to shine in and out through you, transforming your personal self and interaction with others. Unity teaches the Bible from a metaphysical perspective/standpoint of one’s evolutionary journey toward spiritual awakening.

When asked to describe some of the ways Unity principles are working in her life, Maxine says that she always know that God is the source and creator of all, but she didn’t learn how to tap into the source until she joined UCL. Prayer and meditation is paramount to anything else that is occurring in her life. Through her challenges, prayer and meditation have helped her overcome. Tap into the source, listen and follow the guidance.

Her experience and background: She is the current owner of College Nannies and Tutors. She has served as the Board President of Literacy Volunteers of America (DC). She has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing and an MBA in Marketing.