Faye M. Dixon – Trustee

Faye has been affiliated with Unity Center of Light since the late 1990’s and with Unity for 38 years. Her volunteer activities include: Book Table, Pot Luck Dinner/Breakfast, Delivering food to the Bowie Food Pantry, Eastern Region – Unity Support Team and she has visited and assisted church members who were in need of assistance.  She has participated in numerous workshops including: Lessons in Truth, The Quest, 12 Powers/How to Use the 12 Powers, 4T, and Keep A True Lent.

Faye explains her understanding of Unity Truth Principles as follows: “Unity is a Christian-based religion that teaches us to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in our lives. Unity is a practical, utilitarian religion that teaches that each individual is responsible for his or her own salvation and the life that we live on this earth.”

When asked to describe some of the ways in which Unity principles are working in her life, she answered: “I accept that God is always present in my life; that regardless of appearances, divine order is present. My prayer is that I remain steadfast in my faith and move through the challenges that I may encounter.” Thank God that I have been given the ability to see things “rightly”…the choice is mine.

When asked to explain what the Mission of Unity Center of Light means to her, she answered: “It means that I am empowered to live the life that I choose by practicing prayer and meditation and studying the teachings of Jesus. My life does not have to be shaped by that which is outside of me.”

Her experience and background: She worked as a teacher, social counselor, and academy director for 43 years. She is currently working with the Continental Societies, Inc. of Prince George’s County.  This is a group of women volunteers whose mission it is to bring positive experiences to students in the class rooms and to broaden and enrich their exposure outside of the classroom by taking them on field trips of various kinds.