Willie J. Sutton - President

Willie has been affiliated with Unity Center of Light since 2004 and with Unity for 30 years. His volunteer activities include: Men of Unity (MOU), Usher Team Leader and Sanctuary Set up Team. He has participated in numerous Lessons series over the years as well as Prayer lessons.

Willie explains his understanding of Unity Truth Principles as follows: “Unity seeks a deeper meaning of the written word, rather than its literal interpretation.”

When asked to describe some of the ways in which Unity principles are working in his life, he answered: “The spirit of God working in and through me. I have inner peace. I am alive, alert, awake, joyous and enthusiastic.”

When asked to explain what the Mission of Unity Center of Light means to him, he answered: “To constantly call upon the indwelling divine potential.”

His experience and background: He studied Sociology at UMUC and understands the need for order, structure and discipline. He has dedicated more than forty (40) years working as a Chemical Addiction/Mental Health Therapist in the USAF and Arlington County, VA Department of Human Services. He is a National Certified Addiction Counselor II and a Certified Moral Recognition Therapist/Facilitator. Additionally, Willie worked at Family Health Center in Hyattsville, Maryland from 1999-2016 providing Addiction and Mental Health services to a diverse population. He is fully retired and enjoying many hobbies while continuing to give and assist others.