Olive Sampson - Trustee

Olive was first introduced to Unity principles in the mid 1980’s through reading Daily Word – a gift subscription from her aunt. She has been a part of the Unity Center of Light family since 2002. For many years she served in various volunteer capacities in the church community, attended a variety of classes and was recently invited to serve on the Board of Trustees.

To her, Unity principles provide a foundation for a gentle and centered way of life. She continues to work on grasping the full meaning of Divine Order; to seek it in the ups as well as the downs that life brings and to find true joy in all of the small things that comprise each day. 

In Unity Center of Light’s mission to “empower individuals to express their indwelling divine potential” Olive sees a warm and comforting message that every person is valued equally and that each of us has a very special place and purpose in the community of man. In a world of so many divisions, it is a mission and a message of healing and hope.

Olive has worked in International Relations for over thirty years and has had the good fortune to travel and meet wonderful people in many parts of the world.