Afi Harrington - Vice President

Afi has been affiliated with Unity Center of Light since 2010. Her volunteer activities include: Lending Library, Usher, Delivering backpacks for the “Back Packs for Kids” program. She has participated in numerous lessons series over the years.

Afi explains her understanding of Unity Truth Principles as follows: “Unity takes us beyond the traditional Christian concept of being 'saved' by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and shows us that Jesus was an extraordinary 'blueprint' to show us how we can all 'save' ourselves by embodying his teachings at the deepest levels.”

When asked to describe some of the ways in which Unity principles are working in her life, she answered: “Since joining Unity, I have implemented the daily practices of prayer, meditation, and gratitude journaling. The more I use these practices consistently and authentically, the more I see their impact in my daily life. I have grown in true acceptance that God is the Source of my supply, and I can go through every situation truly knowing that all is well.”

When asked to explain what the Mission of Unity Center of Light means to her, she answered: “UCL aspires to empower all who are open and willing to show up in the world expressing the Christ within themselves…demonstrating that Christ within is more powerful than anything you will ever encounter in the physical world.”

Afi’s experience and background: She is a Mathematician by educational training, as well as having earned a PhD in Operations Research. She has also become a Certified Advisor with a nonprofit group called the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development, which afforded her the ability to start her own advisory consulting business. She has also worked for several years as an analyst at NSA, the Navy, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In addition to her advisory consultant’s business she is now employed as an analyst for the FDA. Afi describes herself as innately responsible, analytical, and organized. Her life experiences have trained her to be an excellent consultant skilled at listening, problem-solving, and implementing solutions.